We publish the GamGram two or three times each year as an educational publication. You will find no advertising anywhere in a GamGram, nor will you find us promoting any of our products over those of other manufacturers. We offer the GamGram for educational use by schools, oil companies, and fueling companies free of charge; we simply ask for acknowledgement that we are the source if you use our material. Other businesses wishing to use the GamGram should contact us for permission.

The purpose of the GamGram is the pass on to our customers helpful ideas and useful bits of information. Our specialty is jet fuel handling so the GamGram deals almost exclusively with this subject. However, we are pleased to report that our customers who handle other fuels have found this publication very useful.

Distribution of the GamGram is free of charge to people who request it. Copies of our catalog are also available free of charge. Complete GamGram sets are also available in book form free of charge. Call to place an order.

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Spanish language translations were generously provided to us by our friend Jorge Muniz of Lemico Liquids Ltd. in Canada.


Title Last Revised Language
1 Pressure Drop 09/2010 English Spanish Japanese
2 The Sump, Part 1 09/2004 English Spanish Japanese
3 The Sump, Part 2 11/1996 English Spanish Japanese
4 Anatomy of a Jet Fuel Pipe 02/2004 English Spanish Japanese
5 The Sump, Part 3 03/1996 English Spanish Japanese Chinese
6 Anatomy of a Sampling Connection 02/1996 English Spanish Japanese
7 Sparks from Jet Fuel 10/2008 English Spanish Japanese
8 EI/API 1581 Filter Separator Specifications 03/2013 English Spanish Japanese
9 Filter Vessel Accessories 08/2013 English Spanish Japanese
10 Filter Separator Controls, Part 1: Automatic Confusion 11/1996 English Spanish Japanese
11 Filter Separator Controls, Part 2: Testing 11/1996 English Spanish Japanese
12 Slug Valves 11/1996 English Spanish Japanese
13 The Mystery of the Color Rating 02/2004 English Spanish Japanese
14 Clay Treatment of Jet Fuel 02/1996 English Spanish Japanese
15 Filter Separator Fires 03/1996 English Spanish Japanese
16 "Micron" Ratings 11/1996 English Spanish Japanese
17 Jet Fuel Bugs 07/1978 English Spanish Japanese
18 Single Element Testing 07/1982 English Spanish Japanese
19 Fuel Gravity, Density, and Weight 08/2002 English Spanish Japanese
20 Recipes for Disaster 01/1991 English Spanish Japanese
21 Is it Good or Bad Fuel - How Can You Tell? 11/1979 English Spanish Japanese
22 Tricks of the Trade 10/1980 English Spanish Japanese
23 Is There an Unimportant Flight? 04/1981 English Spanish Japanese
24 Slug Valve Flow and Control 09/1989 English Spanish
25 Filter Membrane Testing and Rating 03/1996 English Spanish
26 An Even Newer Look at Pressure Drop, Corrected and Uncorrected 06/2013 English Spanish
27 Salt Driers 07/1997 English Spanish
28 WSIM, MSEP, and Swift Kit 10/1996 English Spanish
29 Preventing Misfueling 08/1997 English Spanish
30 Cold Weather Operation of Filter Separators 07/1997 English Spanish
31 Pipe, Pipe Threads, and Tubing 12/1985 English Spanish
32 Venturi and Nozzle Pressure 01/1998 English Spanish
33 Hose End Pressure Control Valves 07/1987 English Spanish
34 The Pipe Plug Phantom and Other Frightening Stories 09/1987 English Spanish
35 Aircraft Refueling Hose 03/1989 English Spanish
36 Is it Pressure or is it Flow Control? 09/2010 English Spanish
37 Waste Fuel = Wasted Money 10/1990 English Spanish
38 Jet Refueling Facility Basics, Part 1 12/1991 English Spanish
39 Jet Refueling Facility Basics, Part 2 03/1992 English Spanish
40 Bonding vs. Grounding 06/2002 English Spanish
41 Pump Priming Problems 10/1993 English Spanish
42 Being Aware of Changes: The Key to Safe Fueling 03/1994 English Spanish
43 It Is Easy to Blame the Filter 02/2014 English Spanish
44 Filter Separator Pressure Drop Control 03/2014 English Spanish
45 Floating Suction Problems 04/1996 English Spanish
46 Receiving Fuel 01/1997 English Spanish
47 How Does Water Get Into an Aircraft? Part 1 11/1997 English Spanish
48 How Does Water Get Into an Aircraft? Part 2 04/1998 English Spanish
49 Important Facts about Aircraft Refueling Hose 12/1998 English Spanish
50 The Ignored Automatic Control Valve 04/1999 English Spanish
51 Setting Underwing Nozzle Pressure 04/2000 English
52 Jet Fuel Additives, Part 1: Anti-Icing Additive 02/2001 English
53 Jet Fuel Additives, Part 2 02/2002 English
54 Overfill and Spill Prevention 04/2003 English
55 Meter Problem 03/2005 English
56 Monitoring Differential Pressure During Refueling English
57 Filter Accessories 04/2006 English
58 We All Must Agree: A Water Defense System is Essential 02/2007 English
59 Hidden Contamination 03/2008 English
60 Calculating Fuel Weight 03/2009 English
61 Fueling Vehicle Electrical Concerns 04/2010 English
62 Refueler Vehicle Mounted Compressed Air Systems 03/2014 English
63 Detecting Water in Aviation Fuel Systems 04/2012 English
64 How Much Aviation Fuel QC Experience is Enough? 03/2013 English
65 Piston Differential Gauges: Facts and Misunderstandings 03/2014 English
66 Refueler Truck Design 04/2015 English
67 "Dirt" in Aviation Fuels 06/2016 English
68 Electronics in Refueling 03/2017 English
69 Filter Vessel Concerns 05/2018 English
70 When Fuel Contamination Gets Serious 06/2019 English
71 Superseded by GamGram 72. 08/2020
72 Dealing with Water in Aircraft Jet Fuel 09/2020 English
73 Refueler Truck Internal Valve Risks 03/2022 English
74 The Future of Into-Plane Filtration 06/2022 English Spanish
75 ARE YOU FUELING AIRCRAFT TOO SLOWLY?New! 04/2024 English Spanish